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Business Class Shared Web Hosting

This is professional shared hosting for businesses. We keep an extremely low number of accounts per server to ensure great bandwidth and availability for everyone. We have been hosting for 10 years and are proud to have well over 99.99% uptime!

2 GB
$25 mo
6 GB
$50 mo
20 GB
$100 mo

5 Domain Names, Unlimited Email and FTP accounts, WebMail, Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus, Custom DNS, MySQL databases, and much more...
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PostSpots is our online media review and approval tool, used by the advertising industry to deliver media to their clients. It is a plug-and-play fully customizable 'Client Access' area for your website.

If you are in video production or post production and you deliver video and audio files to agencies and contractors, PostSpots will help you streamline your workflow.

PostSpots is used by advertising agencies, video editorial houses, sound designers, audio finishing facilities, music production, motion graphics and graphic designers to manage and deliver their digitial media assets online reliably, efficiently, and with full accountability.